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Description and Objective
To play, click the chips to put money into the machine, and press the Bet button to place a wager of 1 to 10 coins. Click the Play button and 5 cards are dealt face-up. The game picks the best hand possible based on the cards dealt and will hold them for you, unless you decide to change the selection. The player then decides which cards to keep or “hold” and which cards to discard. The player simply clicks with the mouse on each card they wish to hold. The player clicks the “Play” button again and new cards will be dealt where the discarded cards once appeared. Your final hand determines whether you win or lose the game.

Game Play

High-Low Double Your Win Sub-Game

Whenever there is a winning hand, you have the option to play a High-Low card sub-game to keep doubling your win, where you can bet if the next card dealt is a high or a low card, up to 5 wins in a row. You also have an option to choose only to wager half of your win by clicking “Half Gamble.” The other half is returned to your credits. A winning bet on high or low doubles your win and gives you the option to continue or to collect your winnings, and a losing bet removes your bonus and win, completing the hand.

The “High” Cards are the: Joker, Bell, Watermelon, Plum and the Lemon.

The “Low” Cards are the: Bar, Joker, Cherry, and the Diamond.

European Slot Poker Hands Pay Table

Because each poker hand depends on the bet amount placed for each hand, please see the Pay Table button in the game for the correct pay table.

Fruit Bonus

Once a player receives 4 plums, 4 watermelons, 4 bells, and 4 cherries, they receive the Fruit Bonus. This bonus amount is based on the bet amount. Once the player receives the bonus, they have the option to either collect their bonus and win, or to play the High-Low double your win sub-game.

Cherry Bonus

Once a player receives 2 cherries, the Cherry Bonus meter is increased based on the bet amount. Once the meter reaches its maximum capacity, the player is awarded the Cherry Bonus amount displayed below the meter. Once the player receives the bonus, they have the option to either collect their bonus and win, or to play the High-Low double your win sub-game.

European Slot Poker Game

European Slot Poker is played for either $.05, $.25, $.50, $1.00, and $5 and you may play from 1 to 10 coins per hand.

Card Decks

The game uses a deck of 141 cards, and the number of cards left in the deck is displayed on the screen next to the deck in a counter. The deck state is maintained for each player per credit value, number of credits bet, for money or for fun. The deck is shuffled when the player first enters the game. If the number of cards in the deck becomes less than or equal to 25, it is automatically shuffled. The deck is also shuffled after every winning combination and after each Cherry Bonus.

The deck is shuffled between the “regular” game and the High-Low sub-game. The number of cards remaining in each group (High or Low) is displayed on the screen during the sub-game. The deck is not shuffled in between cards dealt in the High-Low game.

Button Descriptions
Cash Out

Click on the Cash Out button to stop playing and cash out your credits and winnings

Pay Table

Displays the payout tables for the current game.


To bet one coin for a hand (can be pressed up to 10 times)


To deal/draw the next hand, including the high-low card sub-game


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